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Sarah Noble

This is a sweet little story (and I do mean “little”; it took less than one full disc of an audiobook) of a father and eight-year-old daughter who travel into the wilderness together to set up house in preparation for the arrival of the rest of their family. (Set in 1707 – Connecticut, I believe.) It’s an ideal read-aloud, especially for small children. And especially for children who are very afraid of things. Sarah repeats to herself, “Keep up your courage, Sarah Noble.”

I really enjoyed the close relationship of the father and daughter and Sarah’s gradually-growing friendships with the Native American children. I loved that the father left her to stay with them while he went back for the family, and she learned their games and wore their clothes. I always love stories where people discover that those they thought so different from themselves are not quite so different after all – relationships are formed, prejudices gotten over, lives changed.

When Sarah grows up, I hope she wears more deerskins than petticoats and ends up marrying one of the Indians. It would just be perfect.