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This is a book of fables and proverbs with beautiful illustrations by the famous Demi. The morals are written at the end in both Chinese calligraphy and English, which is also cool.

My definite favorite of the stories is the one about the tiger and the fox: “When the tiger was out hunting one day deep in the forest, he caught a fox. As he prepared to eat his prey, the fox said to the tiger, ‘You must not eat me. I am the king of the forest. Come with me and I will show you how the other animals fear me.’
“When the other animals saw the big tiger following the fox, they scattered in many different directions. ‘I see what you mean,’ said the tiger, not realizing it was from him, not the fox, that the animals were fleeing. ‘I’d better find something else to eat.’”

The moral: Small creatures must live by their wits.


I also loved the story of the pandas with the 3-foot-long chopsticks (moral: “Selfish people make their own hell”), and the painting of the Dragon Queen (“No great thing is created suddenly”).

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend that you buy this book: on Amazon, it’s $999.95 (why, I have no idea…). But if you can find it at your local library, it’s certainly worth checking out!!