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Lose Her

So, this book was recommended to me… and I’m not sure what anyone sees in it to recommend it. First of all, there was a good bit of Spanish in it, and Spanish was the one language my high school offered that I didn’t take. (Really, everyone takes Spanish – and doing what everyone does is far too boring!) At first I was frustrated because there were parts I didn’t understand. Then, seeing that there was sex and swearing on almost every page, I was fine with missing some things.

So. Sex, swearing, Spanish. That’s my three-word summary of this book. But I prefer to be positive where I can. Here is what I liked about it:

It’s a bunch of short stories that all center around one character’s life, but they aren’t in order. So it’s kind of like putting a puzzle together, and I love puzzles.

“You are scared stupid at what you are doing but it is also exciting and makes you feel less lonely in the world.” I think many of us have experienced this thought process about something in our lives.

“The half-life of love is forever.”

“That was the summer when everything we would become was hovering just over our heads… In another universe I probably would have come out OK, ended up with mad novias and jobs and a sea of love in which to swim, but in this world I had a brother who was dying of cancer and a long dark patch of life like a mile of black ice waiting for me up ahead.”
This last quote really got me thinking – mostly the first part. There are some times in our lives when we can pinpoint in hindsight – this season or that summer – when big things happened and changed who we are forever. For some of us.

For others of us, there was no giant shift. We just are who we have been becoming. Each day we make choices that, over time, lead us to who we are. But I think this is true for everyone, even if there was one big moment. Your daily choices still affect who you become.

But even if you have one season that has a major influence on who you become, you usually don’t know it til afterward. That, to me, is fun. It makes me stop and think, What if right now is one of those times for me, and I just don’t know it yet?
All the more reason to choose carefully.


But, even though it resulted in some good reflection, I don’t recommend this book. And I’m a little scared to read the other books this particular friend recommended to me…